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Spire2 Communications helps non-profits and institutions use print and electronic communication to forge stronger relationships with existing supporters and build brand awareness with potential donors.

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So what do we do exactly? We design websites that function as lead-generation programs. We create email marketing programs that increase engagement. And we develop direct mail programs that get opened. Is your brand connecting with prospects and customers? Sign up for our free ezine.

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In this guide, we separate SEO fact from SEO fiction and highlight 17 of the biggest myths that still seem to find their way into modern strategies.

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Google Ranks Top Financial Planning Firms’ Websites (Infographic)


Financial Planners Infographic Download Google claims well over 60% of search engine market share. And although many of Google’s ranking factors are private, they have made some public. Not only have they publicized them but also built tools to test … Continue reading

How we re-energized an email marketing plan with one tiny tweak


Once an email marketing plan is set in motion, it’s easy to fall into habit and let some of the more minute details stagnate. Here’s what happened when we recently changed the “from” name in our client’s email campaign from … Continue reading

10 Infographics on Why Direct Mail is Better than Ever


We have been posting infographics for the past few weeks visualizing fascinating statistics regarding the effectiveness of direct mail. We have combined all of these into one webpage for you to share around. Let us know which was the most … Continue reading

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