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Spire2 Communications helps non-profits and institutions use print and electronic communication to forge stronger relationships with existing supporters and build brand awareness with potential donors.

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So what do we do exactly? We design websites that function as lead-generation programs. We create email marketing programs that increase engagement. And we develop direct mail programs that get opened. Is your brand connecting with prospects and customers? Sign up for our free ezine.

Top 3 Keys to Succeeding with Communications and Marketing in 2015


How often do you see this cycle? 1. Good idea 2. Create business 3. Realize that idea is not catching because of poor marketing and communications 4. Hire marketing firm 5. Fire marketing firm after 2 months 6. Return to … Continue reading

Why saying no might be the key to the long-term success for your social media program


“Why would I want to like a Facebook Page for a plumber?” my wife commented after hearing the plumber’s on-hold message. “Because someone told them that they should have a Facebook page,” was my reply. The reason that most organizations say … Continue reading

The world is ending and other problems created by mobile browsing


This is how I’ve seen it on blog posts and articles over and over again during the last year… “If you don’t have a mobile website strategy, you might as well close the doors and go home.” There is no … Continue reading

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